#083.Indrajal Comics 37

Thursday, December 04, 2008 by: PBC

Few GARTH comics published by Indrajal Comics. These all are Ajnaabi's contributions. All thanks & credits go to him.

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#429, #V21N12, #V24N09 & #V25N42 are already available in Hindi online.

420-1982-Garth-The Fiendish Mission

429-1982-Garth-The Sormenting Spectre

V20N11-1983-Garth-The Mystery at KanchenJunga

V20N18-1983-Garth-The Mighty Vigilantes

V20N48-1983-Garth-The Concorde Mystery

V21N12-1984-Garth-Iron Maidens

V24N09-1987-Garth-A Tale Of Vendetta

V24N34-1987-Garth-The Dismal Mission

V25N29-1988-Garth-The Killer Androids

V25N42-1988-Garth-Devils In Disguise

V26N27-1989-Garth-The Eluding Adversaries